Experienced Energy And Utility Legal Representation

Lewis & Kappes has worked hard to establish its reputation throughout Indiana for in-depth knowledge and skill in energy and utility law matters, handling the most challenging and significant cases in this area. Regulatory proceedings in front of administrative agencies are only one part of the scope of representation we provide. Our Indiana attorneys also represent large-volume energy consumers, utility ratepayers and other stakeholders in a variety of transactions and trial court disputes:

  • Contract negotiations and disputes — We negotiate energy and utility contracts and help resolve or litigate contract disputes relating to a utility or energy issue.
  • Utility tort and contract disputes — We help clients in trial court proceedings to resolve disputes falling outside the jurisdiction of regulatory agencies such as breach of contract issues or fraud by a utility.
  • Antitrust compliance — Utilities are typically regulated monopolies but remain subject to antitrust standards on matters involving competitive markets. We represent clients in antitrust actions and trade regulation cases under federal and state laws.
  • Litigation involving deregulated utilities — Deregulation has resulted in some utilities no longer being subject to traditional regulation. We represent clients in disputes involving deregulated utilities that may now be handled in court.
  • Water and sewer litigation — We handle water and sewer utility disputes throughout Indiana, representing large and small-volume consumers, government entities, and utility companies.
  • Counseling on energy options — Our firm provides legal analysis, counsel, and advice on alternative approaches to energy issues.
  • Declaratory judgment actions — A declaratory judgment action may be useful to clarify rights and interests and avoid a subsequent legal challenge. Declaratory relief is available from trial courts, but not the state commission.

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