New Associates at Lewis & Kappes Encouraged to Choose Own Legal Niche

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Indianapolis, May 21, 2003

New Associates at Lewis & Kappes Encouraged to Choose Own Legal Niche

At many firms, areas of concentration are assigned

In many law firms, young, newly-hired associates are more or less 'assigned' to work in particular areas, regardless of their preference. A fresh law school graduate may be assigned to assist a more experienced attorney doing intellectual property work, family law cases, real estate matters, bankruptcy, or what have you.

At Indianapolis law firm Lewis & Kappes, however, the partners are proud to encourage new hires to sample from various aspects of the real world of law before making a choice about the niche they will eventually fill.

For example, Amanda Blystone, who was hired at Lewis & Kappes in 2001, originally began her legal career handling family law and general civil litigation cases. While grateful for the experience, she has lately begun exploring other facets of the law, particularly adoption and securities and municipal finance work. "I think I'll have more career longevity working in diverse areas of the law. The change of pace keeps me intellectually fresh and on my toes," Ms. Blystone said.

Another example at Lewis & Kappes is recent hire Christopher Taylor, who is currently doing general litigation but is also eager to gain experience in labor and employment law and utility law before deciding on the particular niche he'll settle on for a career.

Matthew Tarkington chose Lewis & Kappes in part due to its reputation for allowing its young associates to 'find their way' in the firm by working a larger spectrum of cases than most young associates are allowed to do in larger firms. "As a mid-size firm, we're small enough that we get a lot of practical experience from day one," he said. "I've been able to be pro-active in not only choosing what areas of law I want to work in, but taking that one step further and actually getting hands-one experience."

Says Lewis & Kappes partner Bette Dodd: "We believe having the opportunity to experience various areas of the law is a valuable benefit to our associates. It allows them to discover those areas they enjoy the most and gives them a chance to spread their wings a little bit. In the long run, they'll be happier and more productive. We don't want anybody to have regrets. It's all part of our philosophy to make clients and employees our top priority."