Lewis & Kappes Hosts Symposium for International LLM Students

Lewis & Kappes Hosts Symposium for International LLM Students

Lewis & Kappes, P.C. is proud to announce a recent symposium at its office, involving presentations by members of the firm, and Mexican Consul, Sergio Aguilara, with the combined student body in the International LLM programs at both Indiana University Law Schools (Indianapolis and Bloomington).

Together, over 60 attorneys from around the world, who are in Indiana for one year to acquire the International Masters of Law degree, had an opportunity to examine to workings of a United States law firm. As well, the participants were able to get a dose of the real world in terms of how certain concepts they've learned on paper translate into actual cases in controversy.

Also, these emissaries from countries ranging from China to Cameroon had a unique opportunity to interact with one another, as the students from the two schools had previously not done.

Tom Ruge and Steve Tuchman, principals of the firm's immigration and international practice, arranged the event upon meeting several of the LLM candidates privately in their offices. "It seemed to us the least we could do was to provide some Hoosier Hospitality to colleagues from all over the world. This event has forged relationships that will bear fruit over time."

The firm intends to host this event annually for successive new classes at the schools, said Tuchman.