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Governmental Relations Group

Lewis Kappes Governmental Relations Group, LLC was founded on the commitment to provide quality government affairs representation to our clients in a manner that consistently reflects some very basic principles: Principles like personal integrity, innovation, and value.

We are a highly talented team of individuals who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as wide contacts in both political parties at the state, local, and national levels. We have the background and skill necessary to meet the most difficult challenges our clients may face. We understand the importance of public perception and reputation, and we have cultivated governmental relationships based on our knowledge, our experience, and our honesty.

We recognize the need for innovative systems and procedures when communicating with government in a complex and changing world. We understand the increased significance of grass roots support and coalition development. We are aware of the importance of finding new solutions to old problems as well as new solutions to new problems.

We know that winning the issue, the project, or the public policy debate goes right to the client's bottom line. We are experienced in delivering aggressive, responsive, and innovative services in a cost-effective manner.

Contact us to learn how we can assist you. We represent clients in Indianapolis, Indiana, as well as Bloomington, South Bend, Fort Wayne, Lafayette, Gary, and Evansville.