Representing Interested Parties In Class Action Lawsuits

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Class action lawsuits are complex legal matters. Significant resources and experience are required to effectively resolve these unique and prolonged disputes. At Lewis & Kappes, our trial attorneys handle class action litigation for groups of consumers and defendants. If you have suffered damages as a member of a class, or if your company has been named in a class action suit, contact our Indiana class action lawsuit attorneys.

Experience on Both Sides

The attorneys in our class action practice apply valuable knowledge and insight clients in class action lawsuits. Our experience representing plaintiffs and industry defendants helps in every case. Our Indiana class action attorneys handle mass torts and large scale commercial disputes involving:

  • Securities Fraud Allegations representing seniors and other investors, investment firms, and brokers
  • Real Estate Disputes representing property owners, developers, and businesses in right of way matters
  • Environmental Damage Claims for industrial contamination, chemical spills, and dumping
  • Employment disputes representing employees and employers in discrimination claims, wage disputes, and other employment law matters
  • Consumer Product Deficiency including automobiles, building materials, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices

Utilities Rate Disputes

Lewis & Kappes, we understand the complexities of large scale litigation. Our trial lawyers also represent consumers, municipalities, private businesses, and utility companies in public utility disputes involving gas, electric, and water / sewer litigation. We have successfully handled utility lawsuits that affected millions of Indiana consumers.


Our Indiana law firm has the resources to properly represent the rights of consumers in complicated class action litigation. Our Indianapolis litigation practice provides a strong voice for clients in state and federal lawsuits.

At Lewis & Kappes we represent individuals, classes of consumers, and defendants in class action litigation. We handle securities class actions and other mass torts. To discuss your legal concerns or to join a class action, contact an Indiana class action lawsuit attorneys at our firm. We represent businesses, local governments, and individuals throughout Indiana, including Indianapolis, Bloomington, South Bend, Fort Wayne, Lafayette, Gary, and Evansville.