Taking Legal Action To Stop Patent Infringement

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Many business owners instinctively go to a patent attorney to handle a patent infringement matter. A licensed patent attorney is required to prosecute a patent application. However, a patent attorney is not necessarily required in a patent infringement lawsuit. In many cases, the skills of a litigation attorney are better suited to the needs of the business owner in a patent dispute.

For effective handling of a patent dispute, call or e-mail our Indiana patent infringement lawyers.

Litigation Experience

The trial lawyers at Lewis & Kappes bring years of courtroom training and litigation management experience to Indiana patent infringement matters. As in all of our practice areas, we offer the insight and knowledge gained from representing both sides in patent infringement lawsuits. In cases where the specific skills of a patent attorney are required, we work as a team, applying the technical knowledge of a patent attorney to the persuasive arguments and effective cross-examinations of our skilled litigation attorneys. We handle patent dispute matters involving:

  • Direct infringement
  • Indirect infringement
  • Competitor suits
  • Cease-and-desist letters
  • Declaratory judgments
  • License disputes

Our business litigation attorneys have successfully defended small companies against patent infringement claims. In cases where our clients' patent rights are threatened, we aggressively pursue enforcement.

Representing Indiana Business Owners

Our Indianapolis law firm has provided a strong voice for Indiana business owners for over 20 years. Our business litigation attorneys are well-versed in the federal rules that apply to patent rights and intellectual property.

For effective handling of a patent, trademark, or other business dispute, contact our Indianapolis patent litigation attorneys. We represent businesses, local governments, and individuals throughout Indiana, including Indianapolis, Bloomington, South Bend, Fort Wayne, Lafayette, Gary, and Evansville.