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Lewis & Kappes represents businesses and individuals seeking to protect intellectual property rights and to defend against claims of infringement or misappropriation. We counsel clients on rights and remedies, prepare and respond to cease-and-desist letters, and handle licensing negotiations, as well as representing clients in litigation and other dispute resolution mechanisms.

With respect to patent infringement cases in particular, we bring a trial attorney's perspective to disputes that are often handled by patent attorneys in a more cautious and conservative manner. We offer representation in the following areas:

  • Patent infringement claims
  • Trademark applications, oppositions and cancellation proceedings
  • Protection against copyright infringement
  • Trade secret claims
  • Trade dress and unfair competition claims
  • Protection of confidential and proprietary information
  • Licensing negotiations and licensing disputes
  • Internet disputes involving the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), online copyright protection and takedown notices of pirated works
  • Intellectual property litigation, including trademark litigation and copyright litigation

Lewis & Kappes has secured and enforced registered trademarks and has successfully opposed registration and defended against claims of trademark infringement. We have handled patent infringement cases that were resolved through negotiation, as well as patent litigation taken to trial and argued on appeal. We have secured recovery for trade secret misappropriation and successfully defended against trade secret claims. We have tried software licensing claims and negotiated licenses of copyrighted material.

Our Indianapolis intellectual property lawyers have extensive litigation experience, and can provide the aggressive and skilled representation that your case needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys. We assist people and businesses in Indianapolis, Indiana and throughout Indiana, including Bloomington, South Bend, Fort Wayne, Lafayette, Gary, and Evansville.